This is what people say after they have worked with me

'Before my call with Nadine, I was feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed, something which I used to live with on an almost daily basis. I could not remember a day when I didn't wake up with a feeling of churning deep in my stomach. Through a series of targeted exercises and then a fabulous anchoring session I was able to get rid of that feeling. So now, when I feel that churning nudging me and trying to rear its ugly head, I am able to just use my anchoring and then - just like magic - I'm the cool, calm, collected and in control professional I choose to be. Furthermore, through a series of other techniques, I was able to gain clarity and insight regarding my future direction. I cannot recommend strongly enough - this woman is amazing!!!!'
Somerset, UK
Following on from my sessions with Nadine, my life seemed to flow. I saw that it had been my self-limiting beliefs that had previously held me back. Nadine helped me to see how these ‘blind spots’ were preventing me from living to my full potential. The work I did with Nadine facilitated positive change in my life & enabled me to feel empowered, self-assertive & authentic. This has translated to greater successes in my personal & work life & more fulfilled relationships.
Bath, UK
"I worked with Nadine few times, and those sessions had the most wonderful impact on my life. I feel stronger, more confident, and inspired. I am on my way to achieve my goals, and I now know I will get there. Thank you Nadine !
Windsor, UK
Working with Nadine was a blessing, she just makes you feel comfortable, and relaxed..her enthusiasm and contagious smile, literally brightens me up.. You can really feel a sense of connection but more importantly her love and passion at wanting to help and get you past the small barrier or whatever you’re going through. When you meet a person like that, you always remember them, whether it’s the twinkle in her eye or just feelings of being thankful. I appreciate the loving support and sessions we had Nadine, thank you soo much!
Nebraska, USA
Dear Nadine thank you for your wonderful healing energy I found it insighful and energising
Bath, UK
This is the third workshop of yours I have been to and I am hooked ! Each one gets more informative and you are a natural. Its all so interesting and you explain it so well. Everything seems so obvious after people have spoken to you
Bristol, UK
Thank you so much for the wonderful few hours you spent with me. It was such a perfect day... Life seems brighter and lighter... Its an inspirational time
Sarah and family
Bath, UK
I would highly reccomend going to Nadine Lewis for NLP especially if you have found yourself, like I had, in a situation where you can not see the solution yourself or way to manage. A few sessions with Nadine helped me feel more empowered and able to move forward in my particular dillema. She also gave me some excellent tools to use in the future that are extremely helpful. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her, in fact I would encourage you to contact her. Thank you Nadine.
Dictheat, UK
My family were struggling in so many ways when I called in help from Nadine. Nadine was gentle, wise and very professional. I felt safe. After she left my 4 year old ran in and said the house felt happy. I think this says it all!
Wiveliscombe, UK
“Before my session with Nadine, I was in complete turmoil about which path to take and what to focus on. During the session, Nadine took me through some amazing visualisation exercises which completely cleared my mind and enable my subconscious to give me my correct course of action. It was an utterly mind blowing and amazing experience. I came away from each session with complete clarity and focus about what I need to do to achieve my goal.”
Huddersfield, UK
I have had 2 sessions with the wonderful Nadine & already I am seeing a huge & positive difference in my life. I’ve been a classic Overthinker, often to my detriment & when I could be using the time for other more positive things. Since the NLP sessions, I’ve really learnt to shut these persistent & negative thoughts off. I’ve been increasingly happier, hopeful & living in the present much more. I will continue with regular sessions as I’ve found it such a help on a day to day basis, even from the first 30 minutes. I’ve never had this with any other therapy or counselling session, holistic or otherwise. I’ve been holistically minded for 30 years, so I’ve tried a lot of things to relax & calm my mind. This has been the most effective thing I’ve done & it’s so simple to put into practice. If you’re thinking of trying NLP I say give it a go & if you’re considering Nadine, I’d say absolutely go for it! She’s such a calming, generous & beautiful soul. She radiates this throughout our sessions. I’m blessed to have her in my life. Thank you Nadine
Bristol, UK
Since our consultations I have been full of energy and even more able to get on with” things”... I have been more successful at dividing up my time
Vilamoura, Portugal
It was as if you had 'married' me to my home. It felt like the house and I had embarked on a journey together- and the business is booming just as it used to. The staff seem to get along with each other now so we have peace in the workplace. Such a great atmosphere, its beautiful and the customers are so happy. Thank you once again.
Dublin, UK

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