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in March that you crashed the website !!! 

Thank you for your patience we have a new challenge for you in May💛💛💛.


Clutter can zap your energy, leaving you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, without motivation, inspiration, energy, clarity and peace.


Register today, get back in the driving seat, take control of your life and gain more 

time, energy and vitality.


Truly understand the power of clearing your clutter so you can make space for the new things to enter your life.

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  • During this challenge, I will guide you to make simple steps to declutter your home.
  • YOU will understand the importance of intention and clearing the way for newthings to come into your life.
  • Learn Feng Shui and Space Clearing tips,
  • Plus what your clutter really says about you! 

Example of the Days:

1: Preparation and Intention is key Day
2: Kitchen and utility -the home is where the heart is Day
3: The bedroom -ignite your passion Day
4: The bathroom -the place to pamper Day
5: Storage areas- pump up the music Day
6: The paperwork -make way for abundance Day
7: Celebrate! the keys to everlasting change
Preparation Worksheet – Bonus 
Clutter Check List – Bonus

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